2020-06-15 Next step in validation process

Great news for the TSSI ALPHA! Despite Covid-19 slow-down, our project took the next step in the software validation process of the government. With governmental support, we aim to be certified as one of the leading innovative computer-based functional learning system in the field of alphabetizations. In order to get first-hand impressions, several representatives of the ministry of education visited our ALPHA location in Ouagadougou. A live demonstration was performed to show the functionalities of the CBFL software. The ministry representatives gave very positive feedback regarding the quality of our solution and plan to validate the software quickly.


The first field tests for the new CBFL Software are running.

We will evaluate the new software and then start a roll-out for all new classes.


The first classes for this year are done. Congratulations to all the successful participants!

In the second term we will use an updated CBFL software in some classes to test the new functionalities.